Real Wood Beams or Fake Wood Beams?

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Real Wood Beams

Real Wood Beams

Some wood beams are functional, serving as support structures, while others are only decorative. Some decorative wood beams are referred as “faux” wood beams, and are often manufactured using Styrofoam. Fake wood beams are are usually less expensive, easy to install and come in a variety of attractive styles, but they just can’t match the natural look of real wood.

For projects that require a quality wood finish, real wood beams are the way to go. According to Scott Dankworth of Bella Beams, “Only authentic wood beams have the integrity, and add the kind of elegance, charm and grace that many high-end projects demand. There’s just nothing quite like the rich finishes that only real wood can deliver.”

Where traditional solid-wood beams often have a high moisture content that can cause them to twist, crack or split, Bella Beams have a much lower moisture content, because they’re kilned dried. This makes them lighter and allows them to maintain their furniture-quality look. The three-sided real wood beams are even lighter, and can easily be installed over smaller structural wood beams, pipes or electrical conduit.

Bella Beams are unmatched for quality because they make their real wood beams by hand. No machines. No molds. No mass production. Each beam is custom-made and hand-crafted. The wood is hewn, carved, and chiseled until each beam develops a personality all its own. Bella Beams can also accommodate architect specifications that push the conventions of traditional architecture, including arches, curves and beams that span up to 36 feet in length.

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