Guardian launches ClimaGuard IS – Coated Glass for Residential Applications

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Guardian Building Products

Lower U-values for consumers – A stock sheet shortcut for window makers.

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Guardian Industries is launching its new family of fourth surface coated low-E glass with the release of ClimaGuard IS-15 and IS-20, two coated glass products for residential applications that help meet new codes and ENERGY STAR® standards while giving window makers easy fabrication options.

ClimaGuard IS-20 offers residential window makers the possibility to meet current code requirements for U-values without the use of Argon gas or a third pane of glass while providing a smooth and clear (no hazy appearance) and easy-to-care-for (common household cleaners are fine) package that homeowners demand.

ClimaGuard IS-15, a fourth surface glass with even higher thermal performance, will help many windows hit R5 ratings without the need for a third pane of glass.

As ENERGY STAR® requirements continue to evolve, the ClimaGuard IS family arms window makers with already-to-code product in advance of 2013 updates. Most importantly, Guardian engineered ClimaGuard IS glass to be available in annealed stock sheets, which reduces the cost to manufacturers by about a third.

“In addition to making it easier for window makers on the manufacturing side, ClimaGuard IS offers an improvement in light transmission over existing products,” said Andy Russo, director, Guardian Residential Marketing Segment. “This glass coating is very tough and has been derived from our first surface anti-condensation coating. We are very pleased to expand this work to our customers in this new application.

“ClimaGuard IS’ success in the lab reinforces Guardian’s research and development advancements, which will lead to product portfolio additions we’re looking forward to announcing in the near future.”

Other key characteristics of ClimaGuard IS:

– Durable and scratch-resistant.

– Cleanable with standard household window products.

– Usable in monolithic applications (such as storm windows).

– Available in full truckloads, less-than-truckloads or case quantities.

For more information, see the ClimaGuard IS data sheet or go to

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