New Green Alternative to Vinyl Siding and Fiber Cement Siding

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Minneapolis – The APEX Ultrex® Siding System is a new, premium class of siding and trim. Extreme heat, extreme cold, high humidity, saltwater, and major storm systems are no match for APEX.

APEX siding is made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, a patented proprietary material pioneered by Marvin® that has been a key component in the manufacture of the award-winning Integrity® and Infinity® lines of windows and doors for more than 20 years.

With an expected life of 50 years or more, APEX siding and trim offers lasting beauty and is an environmentally friendly, low maintenance, impact resistant alternative to fiber cement, wood and vinyl siding. Available in 10 rich and enduring colors; in two widths (4-inch and 7-inch); and in either a smooth or wood grain finish, APEX siding and trim can be used in a variety of residential architectural styles.

In every critical performance category — appearance, durability, strength, extreme temperature resistance, water management, cost of ownership and sustainability — APEX siding and trim outperforms vinyl, wood, steel, aluminum and fiber cement. It offers the look of freshly painted wood without the headaches and hassles of maintaining fiber cement or wood, such as caulking and painting. It is stronger than fiber cement, and its acrylic finish is four-times thicker than paint applied to fiber cement or wood, so it resists chipping, splintering, fading and warping.  APEX siding and trim will never need to be repainted – ever.

Innovative System

Unlike other home sidings that require intensive installation and different materials, APEX siding is an innovative, color-coordinated siding system that incorporates a self-aligning, interlock design, offering secure placement and tight seams (and no visible nail holes). This fully integrated system, featuring a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years, comes together through a cohesive, precise installation to give a home a distinctive finish that radiates quality craftsmanship. And, because APEX siding comes in 16-foot lengths in comparison to 12-foot lengths for fiber cement siding, there are 35 percent fewer seams.

Moisture Resistant

APEX siding and trim with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass material does not conduct heat or cold like other siding materials. It can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 30 degrees below zero to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Because APEX siding and trim hardly expands or contracts, it won’t warp, twist or sag.  It won’t be damaged by water freezing or thawing, and is able to withstand damaging hail.

APEX features an innovative water management system. Factory-applied clips hold the siding away from the weather barrier, creating a natural evaporation and drainage plane where air is free to circulate. In the event water gets behind the siding, the moisture barrier prevents it from penetrating your home’s walls, allowing it to drain harmlessly away, while air continues to freely circulate, keeping the space dry while significantly decreasing the occurrence of trapped moisture which creates rot and mold.  Some types of siding, such as fiber cement, wood and stucco, are more prone to absorbing or trapping moisture behind the siding, which can lead to moisture problems. In contrast, APEX siding and trim, made with pultruded fiberglass, inherently repels water and moisture.

Green Alternative

Made with naturally occurring sand, APEX siding and trim is one the most environmentally friendly sidings available on the market today.  Adding to this eco-friendly equation is the fact that because of the durability of APEX siding and trim, homeowners will eliminate their need to replace their APEX siding in their lifetime.  And with its lasting, rich colors, homeowners may never need to paint it or apply caulking.  Supported by an ISO 9001-2008 certification, APEX Siding System is dedicated to refining its manufacturing processes to make its siding and trim products even more sustainable and environmentally
friendly to further reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the earth.

To learn more about the APEX Siding System, visit or call 888-215-1092.

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