New Vinyl Siding Buyer's Guide Available

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Free Vinyl Siding Buyer's Guide

Download the Free Vinyl Siding Buyer’s Guide Here

The decision to add siding to your home is a major one, especially in this financial environment. It’s a decision that requires planning, research, and sometimes a little help to make a good decision. This could have a considerable impact on the value of your home now and in the future, and that can have obvious consequences.

Consider the case of a home originally built in 1983 situated on a small lake. It’s a two story home that was originally covered in T-111 plywood sheets. The house was painted approximately every 5 to 6 years and looked okay, but ultimately looked tired after a few of years. Part of this can be attributed to the windows and the trim, but ultimately the overall look comes back to the exterior walls.

The owner had debated whether to repaint or install siding. The siding options included fiber cement, manufactured stone, typical straight vinyl siding or cedar shake vinyl siding.

The common straight horizontal vinyl siding options were quickly dismissed because the homeowner felt that it may make the house look like a mobile home. The decision was made to go with the cedar shake siding. A trip to a lumberyard and a large building products retail store revealed several options. There were some options for cedar, but most were straight and plain.

The first thing that jumped out was the price. It was very expensive. It would have eliminated painting for 20 years, but on a 35 square home (a square is 100 square feet) the cost was prohibitive. At more than $300 per square the cost of just the siding would have been $11,200.

The internet brought some better pricing. After some research, the owner found a free vinyl siding buyers guide, and was able to compare features and avoid several costly mistakes. He also found a manufacturer that sold siding direct. Without the markup added by a distributor and a retailer, the homeowner was able to purchase top quality cedar shake siding at $189 per square, and had the siding delivered directly to his home.  Rather than the $11,200 that the homeowner would have paid at the retail store, he ultimately paid only $6,615.

With the help of the free buyer’s guide he saved even more by avoiding some of the common and costly mistakes that first time buyers often make with vinyl siding. For example, he requested 6 inch wide actual samples of the siding, rather than 2 inch color chips offered by most manufacturers. This made it much easier to get an idea of how the grain and color would actually look on the house.


Vinyl Cedar Siding Colors

Click the Above Picture to See All 18 Vinyl Cedar Siding Colors

You can download a copy of the free vinyl siding buyer’s guide here. The guide is made available by Newport Exteriors.
Visit their website at to see 18 vibrant colors of cedar shake vinyl siding, or to request more information, or actual product samples.
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