Re-Roofing Your Home? Consider the Life-Span of the Material

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lightweight slate roofThere are many roofing materials to choose from but, when it’s your home, cost and maintenance can be important factors to consider. Wood shakes generally only last about 20 years before the need to be replaced, even with proper maintenance. As a rule, asphalt shingles don’t last much longer. Slate, on the other hand, can last for hundreds of years with little or no maintenance. This makes slate an ideal replacement material for re-roofing homes with wood-shake and asphalts shingles.

SlateTec Inc. has a lightweight slate roof application that looks like a traditional slate roof with a similar life-span and it comes with a 100 year warranty. The quality Vermont S1 Grade Roofing Slate comes directly from the quarry, and is available in a wide variety of natural colors and blends to match any style home.

The installation process for a SlateTec slate roof is similar to a traditional slate installation, using the SlateTecLogocsame ‘nail-down’ technique that’s been used on slate roofs for centuries. The big difference is that SlateTec’s lightweight slate roof weighs roughly 40% less than a traditional slate roof, without sacrificing the qualities that make slate an excellent roofing material.

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