Exceptionally Sturdy PVC Railing System Stands Up to Harsh Climates

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sturdy pvc railingHB&G, a top producer of composite indoor and outdoor architectural columns and balustrades, has manufacturers a high quality porch and deck railing system called PermaPorch Railing for many years. They have also introduced a lower cost alternative that’s designed to meet the needs of today’s market called Builder Select Railing. It’s a quality PVC porch railing system that combines commercial grade strength and durability with maintenance free elegance and safety.

Builder Select Railing is manufactured from high quality rigid PVC with impact modifiers and high levels of Titanium Dioxide added to the mix, to prevent ultraviolet degradation. It performs well in just about any climate. It’s been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and all kinds of changing climate conditions. This product
“This is a great looking railing product that’s sturdier than the vinyl railing products currently available. We’ve even exceeded our own goals with Builder Select Railing,” said Mike Gibbons, VP Sales and Marketing for HB&G.

“This is an exceptional sturdy PVC railing system that installs in 6 easy steps, using pieces that fit together securely. There are pre-drilled holes for balusters so they line up correctly and make a very secure connection to the bottom rails. There’s no need to notch out the column base to install our railing. HB&G’s custom installation bracket does the work for you. The result is a safe and sturdy porch railing system that’s made to last,” Gibbons explained.

“Compared to the painting and maintenance needs of wood, or the potential rust factor of metal railings, we believe that nothing will hold up better than our new Builder Select Railings.”

This PVC railing is categorized as self-extinguishing, meaning it has a high flash point of 716 degrees F. The product does not readily ignite and does not sustain combustion once the source of ignition is removed. Additionally, Builder Select Railing meets, and even exceeds, international residential and commercial Building Codes, allowing it to be used for all types of construction.

Visit the Builder Select Railing section of the HB&G website for important product information for architects, builders and homeowners. There is also an easy way to locate a dealer in your area.

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