New DuraLast Porch Railing System Introduced by Dixie Pacific

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PVC Railing

DuraLast PVC Railing

DuraLast railings are designed for those who want elegance and beauty without all the work. This new generation of low-maintenance PVC railing can be used on both porches and decks.

Long known for its leadership in producing top quality columns, capitals, posts and balustrades, Dixie Pacific Manufacturing now introduces a new PVC porch railing system called DuraLast Railing. Made from rigid PVC with impact modifiers and high levels of titanium dioxide to protect against ultra violet light degradation, this ornamental fencing is both tough and elegant.

“Making the decision to produce DuraLast Railing was a very natural step in the evolution of our product line,” said Marketing Manager, Tim Bobo. “There is no question that the PVC railing market is on the rise. Building on our 47-year reputation for customer satisfaction, we set out to meet and even exceed our customers’ needs by introducing a sturdy yet stunning PVC porch railing system.”

Dixie-Pacific designed DuraLast Railing to be as maintenance-free as possible. There is no need to annually scrape, prime, seal, replace or repair pickets and rails as with wood products, and there is no rot or insect infestation with DuraLast. This top quality PVC porch railing also stands up to steel in that it won’t rust and flake as steel products do. The high levels of titanium dioxide contained in the product will also prevent DuraLast from yellowing or losing its original color, and cleaning the railing requires only a damp cloth. For stubborn dirt or stains, the railing can be power-washed with water or chlorine bleach.

Another important advantage of DuraLast porch railing is that it is categorized as self-extinguishing, meaning it has a high flash point. The product does not readily ignite, and it won’t sustain combustion once the source of ignition is removed. When this railing is installed correctly, DuraLast railing meets and even exceeds international residential and commercial Building Codes, so it can be used for all types of construction.

Company officials also report that unlike other decorative railings, the new DuraLast railings offers many safety advantages over wood, aluminum or steel railings, because those products were never really intended to withstand a lot of stress. DuraLast Railing, however, can easily handle high levels of stress and strain earning its reputation as a highly dependable, safe porch railing system.

“But DuraLast Railing is also tough enough to stand up to Mother Nature because it was engineered to withstand a broad range of weather conditions and temperature extremes,” Bobo explained. “We are very proud and pleased to introduce our new DuraLast Railing…because it exceeds even our own high standards.”

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