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PVC Railings for Porch & Deck

Builder Select Railing systems represent a technological breakthrough in architectural railing for porch and deck applications. Made from rigid PVC with impact modifiers and high levels of titanium dioxide to protect against UV degradation, Builder Select Railing is built first and foremost to be sturdy. Unlike other forms of ornamental fencing that can be used as porch or deck railing, but were never designed for it, Builder Select Railing is built to handle the stress and strain needed for a safe, reliable railing.

In addition to its superior design and construction, Builder Select Railing offers many advantages over wood, aluminum and steel railing systems. Engineered with changing climate conditions in mind, the railing is designed to accommodate the normal expansion and contraction that porches and decks are exposed to, due to changing temperatures. The material Builder Select Railing is made from is resistant to fire and will “self-extinguish” once the source of ignition has been removed. Regarding strength, Builder Select Railing is engineered to meet and exceed IBC 2000 and IBC 2003 building codes when properly installed. An ADA grab rail system is also available for Builder Select Railing.

HB&G designed Builder Select to be the perfect ultra-low maintenance deck railing or porch railing system. The high levels of titanium dioxide contained in the product will prevent it from yellowing or losing its original color, and cleaning the railing usually only requires a damp cloth. For stubborn dirt or stains, the railing can be power-washed with water or chlorine bleach.

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