Porch Ceiling Ideas That Add Elegance and Charm to Any Front Porch

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Traditionally, front porches have served as places of rest and relaxation – a place where friends and family gather to enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. Unfortunately, this exterior feature of our homes tends to show more wear and tear over the years than interior ceilings, due to exposure to the elements.

Replacing your wood porch ceiling with synthetic porch ceiling materials can provide years of lasting beauty, so you’ll feel comfortable entertaining or just sitting back and enjoying more leisure time on your porch.

Here are some eye-catching features you might want to consider. These are all available in pre-finished, maintenance-free polyurethane, and they’re easy to install.

  • Beaded Porch Ceiling:  A stunning beaded ceiling made of a pre-finished vinyl product is beautiful and easy to install with just a few tools. The tongue and grove pre-cut planks come in pre-selected colors or if you have a special color in mind, they can be painted providing a seamless, maintenance-free porch ceiling for years to come.
  • Ceiling Moldings:  Crown molding, Bed moldings or Lattice moldings add depth and dimension to any ceiling, and offer a particularly dramatic effect on porch ceilings. Pre-made in a variety of styles and designs, these moldings usually come finished in white but can also be painted to match your décor.  Manufactured moldings will not rot, warp, split or become insect infested as with wood.
  • Ceiling Medallions:  Ceiling medallions offer an additional level of sophistication to any porch ceiling as accents to lights or ceiling fans. Polyurethane resin medallions are lightweight, durable, easy-to-install, maintenance free and come with none of the problems associated with plaster or wood. The factory applied flat white base that can be painted, faux finished, or even gold leafed.
  • Ceiling Brackets:  Lightweight and easy to paint and install, polyurethane brackets offer another inexpensive and low-maintenance way to dress up your porch. They come in a wide variety of stunning styles that not rot, warp, or crack and are insect resistant so they work extremely well outside.

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