Solid Rafter Pergolas – Vinyl Pergola Kits from Dixie-Pacific

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Solid Rafter Pergolas

Solid Rafter Pergolas

Since 1962, Dixie-Pacific™ has crafted products designed to provide elegance, style, tradition and a unique viewpoint toward classic architecture. In addition to the manufacturer’s popular arbors, trellises and hollow rafter pergola kits, the company proudly announces a new line of solid rafter pergolas intended to further meet the needs of backyard enthusiasts.

Pergolas were common features of Italian Renaissance gardens and there is no doubt they are enjoying a significant resurgence today. Often found covering walkways or serving as grape arbors in Renaissance times, those same traditional designs can be used to define a passageway or frame a focal point in your yard. Add a climbing plant such as bougainvillea, grapevines or wisteria and your pergola will also provide color, shade and fragrance for years to come.

“More and more people are choosing pergolas as a way to enhance outdoor living, because they offer a welcoming airy elegance to gardens, decks and patios that makes being outdoors more enjoyable,” said Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager for Dixie-Pacific.

“The idea behind these solid rafter pergola kits is to add a higher quality product to our already popular hollow rafter pergola kits. The new solid rafter pergolas are stronger and even more durable than their counterparts,” Tim Bobo explained. “Another nice feature is that the solid rafters come in one piece, as opposed to add-on end caps. Plus the solid rafter kits are fully customizable and come with a 25-year warranty.”

Tim Bobo points out that unlike wood pergolas, Dixie-Pacific solid rafter pergolas are made from high-quality cellular PVC that is unaffected by moisture, insects and rot. It is also fire resistant. In fact, these cellular PVC pergolas are designed to last practically maintenance-free for many years to come.

Solid rafter pergola kits are available in two standard sizes, 8′ and 10′. Both kits are made from high-quality cellular PVC. They include a complete installation kit, and come with four 10″ Round DuraCast Columns. Both the 8′ and 10′ kits are available in Standard and Premium sizes. The rafters on the Standard kit are 24″ on center, while the rafters on the Premium kit are 12″ on center. Special order pergolas (with or without columns) and custom sizes are also available.

With summer just around the corner, Tim Bobo suggests that now is the best time to enhance your home, deck, garden or yard with a beautiful pergola. “Once you experience the joy of having a pergola, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!”

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