New Custom PVC Pergola Price Quote System Launched by Turnkey Millwork

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Turnkey Millwork announces the launch of a new price quoting web application for custom vinyl or PVC pergolas that makes getting an exact quote for custom vinyl or PVC pergola easier than ever before Turnkey Millwork manufacturers low maintenance synthetic millwork products.

Once a common feature and focal point of Renaissance gardens, pergolas often covered walkways and seating areas or served as arbors. Today, pergolas are making a robust comeback, as more and more homeowners come to appreciate the value and beauty that a pergola can bring to their outdoor living areas.  Custom vinyl and PVC pergolas are particularly popular because they don’t get infested with termites or rot the way outdoor wood structures often do.

According Jim Goodman, General Manager at Turnkey Millwork, this new pergola price quoting system doesn’t just take the guesswork out of pricing, “It helps our customers make the best choices when they’re ordering. By using photos, simple diagrams and easy to understand explanations at every step, we help website visitors determine the right specifications for a pergola that will meet their needs. In most cases, all they have to do is click a box to make a choice.”

“In the past, ordering the correct elements for pergolas was often confusing and complicated,” said Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager for Turnkey.  “But now there’s no guesswork involved. Our customers can choose the material used, as well as the size and type of columns, beams, rafters and every other aspect of their new pergola. Then they just fill out a short form and we quickly return an exact quote for how much that specific pergola kit will cost.”

Company officials add that they expect it to be a rewarding experience for customers to be able to get prices for standard or custom pergolas so easily with this new PVC pergola quote system. It’s just one more way Turnkey Millwork works to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Try the custom pergola price quoting tool.

Contact Information:

Turnkey Millwork, Inc.
6231 Westgate Road, Suite 150
Raleigh, NC 27617
Toll Free: 888-782-3908

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