How to Build a Pergola the Easy Way – Install a Pergola Kit

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We asked Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork in Raleigh NC, just how difficult it is to install a pergola from one of their PVC pergola kits. Jim said that he and one assistant could build a 10’x10’ pergola in under five hours, so we challenged him to show us how easy it was.

Jim invited us to visit the Turnkey Millwork manufacturing plant, where he said he would show us by actually installing one himself. When we got there Jim was dressed for the occasion and ready to go to work. He was prepared to demonstrate the process for us by actually installing a pergola, right there in the Turnkey Millwork warehouse.

We didn’t want Jim to skip a single step, so he started by measuring the floor and actually drilling holes in the concrete to install the mounting brackets. Even though the columns, beams and rafters are shipped precut to the exact specifications, we anticipated that this process would be much more challenging than it actually was.

With only one helper Jim got started. In less than five hours they were done, and the resulting pergola was beautiful. Everything Jim needed, including the mounting brackets and hardware was in the kit. The pre-cut PVC meant that there was no on-site cutting, and no waste. This is true for standard sizes as well as custom pergola kit orders.

Rather than try to describe the process, we decided to create a short slideshow from the pictures we took. This 2-minute video captures the main steps in order and, although the process isn’t as fast or simple as this makes it look, we have to say it was much easier than we anticipated, and the resulting pergola was perfect!

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