Building a Pergola? Check Out New Solid Rafter PVC Pergola Kits by HB&G

As a leading manufacturer of wood and synthetic millwork products, HB&G has served the new construction and renovation/replacement markets since 1880. Keeping up with technology, the Alabama based company centers its product portfolio on synthetic architectural columns and other high-growth synthetic products such as porch posts, railing systems, balustrades, moldings and entrance features.

Recently the company introduced a new line of high-quality solid rafter pergola kits. Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager for HB&G explained. “Pergolas have a long history dating back to the Renaissance period, but recently there has been resurgence in their popularity. We wanted to meet the needs of this growing market by adding a line of high-quality solid rafter pergola kits.”

A pergola is a framed structure without walls or a roof. This combination offers an unusual architectural blend that extends living space beyond the confines of the home. Pergolas add a welcoming airy elegance to gardens, decks and patios, enhancing outdoor living. Add a climbing plant such as bouganvillia, grapevines or wisteria and your pergola will also provide color, shade and fragrance for years to come.

The solid frame pergola kits feature PermaCast® columns, cast in a fiber-reinforced polymer composite for exceptional strength, and, solid one-piece composite rafters. “Unlike with wood, this combination makes our pergolas weatherproof, insect proof, and highly durable,” adds Tim Bobo.

HB&G’s solid rafter pergola kits are available in two standard sizes, 8′ and 10′. Both kits are made from high-quality cellular PVC. They include a complete installation kit, and come with four 10″ round PermaCast columns. Both the 8′ and 10′ kits are available in standard and premium sizes. The rafters on the Standard kit are 24″ on center, while the rafters on the Premium kit are 12″ on center.

Special order pergolas (with or without columns) to fit any size or shape are also available. In addition, HB&G’s Architectural Department can help with the process of customizing any pergola project. HB&G solid rafter pergolas are backed with a 25-year warranty.

Throughout the years the Renaissance period has become known for the grace and beauty it brought to the world. Perhaps one of its finest contributions is the pergola. Said Bobo, “You just can’t believe the difference a pergola can make to the look and feel of your home or garden. When you’re ready, we’ll be there to help you choose the perfect one.”

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