Custom PVC Millwork for Long-Lasting Home Improvements

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Custom PVC MillworkReplacing rotten window frames and other exterior house trim with custom PVC millwork can significantly improve the appearance of your home for a very long time. That is if you use the right type of PVC products. PVC is the third-most-widely produced plastic in the world, and experts suggest that if homeowners choose PVC building materials that have the right type and quantity of UV stabilizers, it can make a big difference in the life of the product.

Over time photo-oxidation can make PVC brittle and give it a dried out look. That’s because, without the right stabilizers, PVC is significantly affected by heat and ultraviolet light. The effectiveness of the stabilizers can make all the difference. Even without the best stabilizers most exterior PVC building products still hold up better than wood, but the best ones can last many times longer and continue to look great.

Turnkey Millwork is the leading manufacturer of custom PVC millwork products such as exterior PVC columns, porch posts, pergolas, window trim, and trellises. According to Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork, “When old building materials are replaced with the right weather resistant PVC products, future repairs can be virtually eliminated.”

Unlike wood, synthetic building materials like UV stable PVC, are unaffected by moisture or insects, and they can be practically maintenance-free for many years to come, and some are fire-resistant as well – All this for about the same price as wood.

Goodman adds, “A long winter that can wreak havoc on exterior wood millwork. The best part of building or renovating with UV resistant PVC products is that year after year your renovations can still look like new.”

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