Custom PVC Millwork Website Makes Ordering Easy

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Custom PVC Millwork

Custom PVC Millwork

Custom PVC Millwork

Turnkey Millwork, the leading manufacturer of custom PVC millwork products, announced the launch of their new website at the International Builders Show last week. According to company officials, the new website met with very favorable reviews and praise from existing customers.

“A website that’s essentially an online brochure just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’ve created a site that will get attention, engage visitors and smooth out the ordering process for our customers,” said Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager at Turnkey Millwork.

As leaders in the innovative use of low maintenance cellular PVC millwork products, Turnkey Millwork has built a solid, industry-wide reputation for customer satisfaction. The new website was designed to streamline the ordering process, and make it easy to order custom pergolas, columns, porch posts, house trim and other synthetic millwork products.

“Rather than just creating a better looking website, this new site is focused on improving the interactions we have with our customers.” said Mike Gibbons, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for HB&G Building Products, parent company of Turnkey Millwork. “Within the next few weeks we’ll be adding additional tools to the website that will make it quick and easy to get price quotes on custom pergolas and other custom millwork products.”

Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork explained, “We already have a significant technological advantage that keeps the cost of manufacturing custom millwork down, and we pass that savings on to our customers. This new customer oriented website extends that advantage by improving the overall customer experience.”

For more information, visit or call 888-782-3908.

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