Technology Keeps Architectural Grille on Top of HVAC Grille Manufacturing

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Brooklyn, N.Y. based Architectural Grille is currently the only manufacturer of custom HVAC grilles in the New York City area with this state of the art laser cutting system. According to company officials the new system is now being used for all aspects of grille cutting, from custom perforated and bar grilles, to custom floor grates.

Architectural Grille’s varied products are used for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, decorative screening, and artwork. Since 1948, the award-winning HVAC grille manufacturer has been involved in numerous projects around the world ranging from large-scale government jobs, like the Pentagon renovation project, to manufacturing custom HVAC grilles for the rich and famous, and even low cost homeowner projects.

Company president, Anthony Giumenta, says the new laser system will easily handle all of Architectural Grille’s contracts – everything from large quantity orders to unique pattern jobs. “It also gives us the ability to custom create and cut patterns at three times the speed and accuracy of older models,” said Giumenta.

The F1 Laser is uniquely designed to reduce or eliminate issues that slow down production. That’s because it uses technology that eliminates the need to change the focus lens regardless of the thickness or type of the material being processed. The flying optic beam delivery system has a series of optics designed to produce consistent high-speed cutting over the entire work, assuring the highest quality.

“The possibilities of what we can now accomplish are endless,” said Giumenta. “We anticipate fewer worries and down time, and a much higher rate of production. In addition to cutting our lead times, the new laser will also help reduce our energy consumption because it is much more efficient than the older systems.”

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