Architectural Grille Stays Ahead of the Curve with Custom HVAC Grilles

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Custom HVAC GrillesCurves always seem to grab our attention whether it’s a perfectly sculpted work of art, a beautiful landscape or unusual curves in architecture. But in the past builders have often cringed at the thought of elements like curved domed walls, wavy ceilings, barrel vaults and vertical curves in home construction. That’s because they required extra labor and therefore extra cost. As a result, many architects have tended to shy away from home designs that include those eye-catching features.

However, with the introduction of flexible steel tracks, that makes framing almost any curve a snap, architects and builders are now able to more easily go with the flow. As a result, more and more homeowners are getting excited about curves.

Increased popularity of curved surfaces in architecture has prompted several companies to introduce products that facilitate the construction of curves by providing design elements such as flexible moldings, lighting, and artwork. Architectural Grille is another company offering products to help them stay ahead of the curve.

“Right now architectural curves are growing in popularity and with our custom grille capabilities we’re able to meet the needs produced by this growing trend,” said Anthony Giumenta, President of Architectural Grille, a Brooklyn New York based manufacturer of custom HVAC grilles.

“We understand that finding the right product for the environment you are creating is not always the simplest chore. That’s why we’re so passionate about our custom grilles. We firmly believe that form does not have to be sacrificed for function,” he explained.

Architectural Grille manufactures custom curved grilles, including curved bar grilles and curved perforated grilles designed to wrap around any curve, wave, vault or dome on walls or ceilings. Each meticulously crafted grille is made in-house and reflects the precision and craftsmanship that has earned Architectural Grille a reputation for producing the finest HVAC grilles available.

As Architectural Grille’s custom curved grilles are designed to facilitate the new wave of curves in home design, their bar grilles and perforated grilles can be either convex or concave in any size or shape to custom fit your curved wall or ceiling. Cast in either aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel they feature finishes to compliment any décor such as mirror polish, satin, statuary bronze, primed, or baked enamel colors and anodized colors.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an older home and want to take advantage of this new trend in curves, Architectural Grille’s custom HVAC grilles makes staying ahead of the curve a breeze.

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