Wainscot Paneling and Other Custom Millwork for the Exterior of Your Home

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exterior pvc wainscot panelingNow that the holidays are over and the festive lights, bows, wreaths, and lawn figures that decorated the exterior of our homes are tucked away for another year, you might be thinking your home looks rather dull or perhaps a bit too plain. Maybe you have even noticed some weather damage or rot to your porch posts or exterior trim. Whether you simply want to replace old wood with new cellular PVC or add some dramatic exterior decorative elements, today’s millwork products make it easier and more affordable than ever before.

Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork, suggests four ways you can perk up the exterior appearance of your home with custom millwork.

Wainscot Paneling – Wainscot paneling is decorative paneling made up of various types of moldings that can be installed on the interior or exterior walls of your home. In England during the Tudor period quartersawn oak was mostly used for this type of paneling. In fact, the word “wainscot” was sometimes used as a synonym for “oak”. Wainscoting was once the work of master carpenters. Today, however, pre-assembled wainscot paneling comes in wood or vinyl can be easily installed above or beneath doors and windows to add depth and beauty to the exterior of your home.

Architectural Valances – The word valance probably brings to mind curtains or fancy window treatments for the interiors or our homes. But since the Victorian era when “gingerbread” was so popular, architectural valances have come to signify a short band of decoration found at the top of a porch between two porch posts. These bands of ornamentation range from lacey to geometric patterns and may be used with or without porch brackets.

Custom Brackets – Brackets are used to support a balcony, cornice, or other overhanging or projecting structure. But custom decorative brackets are designed mostly for ornamentation, although some can be used for support as well. This simple detailing element is sure to take the ho-hum appearance out of any front porch. They can be used by themselves or with valances and overhangs above windows and doors to add drama and depth. Modern decorative brackets come in wood or vinyl and are ready to install in minutes.

Decorative Rail – Railing is another effective, inexpensive way to ornament your home and give it a sophisticated designer’s touch. With today’s vinyl and cellular PVC railing panels, it is easier than every before. Decorative railings can be use to accent roof lines, to define a widow’s walks, for porch and deck railings, and many other applications. Even accenting with just one or two rail panels can make a big difference in the exterior appearance of your home.

For more information, visit www.TurnkeyMillwork.com or call 888-782-3908.

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