Fiberglass and Cellular PVC Building Products Are Used to Replace Damaged Wood

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PVC ColumnsWith the long harsh winter behind us many homeowners are beginning to assess the damage done to the wood on the exterior of their homes. After a record-breaking winter, this year’s damage could be particularly bad. If your home has porch columns, porch posts, fascia and exterior house trim, or other exterior millwork products made of wood, you could be faced with all kinds of splits, cracks, warping, sagging and chipping.

Without significant care and maintenance, a harsh winter like the one we’ve just experienced, can take its toll on wood building products. Just thinking about the work and cost involved in replacing or repairing the damage may be enough to send you back indoors. To make matters worse, millions of trees are cut each year to make replacement wood building products. Although some of these products may eventually be recycled, most damaged wooden building products are disposed of in landfills.

Tim Bobo of HB&G, the leading manufacturer of both wood columns and fiberglass porch columns, says that “Over the past few years there has been a significant trend by homeowners to replace damaged wood columns with columns made of fiberglass or PVC. “

Common advantages of many synthetic millwork products include:

  • Consistent quality and reduced maintenance
  • Easy to install with standard carpentry tools
  • Can usually be painted with acrylic paint or oil-based paint
  • Most are readily available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Doesn’t chip, warp, peel or splinter the way wood does
  • Less impact from water or high humidity
  • Resistant to termites and other insects
  • Flame retardant – Many will not support combustion
  • Cellular PVC is energy efficient to produce and it’s recyclable

“Cellular PVC products offer many of the advantages of wood without being affected by moisture or insects that way wood can be. Synthetic products in general often look better and hold up much longer than traditional wood products” according to Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork “Today many of these products are also backed by very substantial warranties.”

Porch posts, architectural columns, column caps and bases are available in fiberglass as well as PVC. PVC trim, porch railings, pergolas, arbors, and trellises are available from a number of manufacturers. Some, like Turnkey Millwork, also offer a wide variety of custom synthetic millwork products.

For more information on custom PVC building products contact Turnkey Millwork at 888.782.3908

For more information on fiberglass architectural columns contact HB&G Building Products at 888.782.3908

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