DuraLast PVC Railing

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DuraLast Low Maintenance PVC Railing Systems, Porch Railing and Deck Railings

Beautifully detailed, low-maintenance DuraLast PVC railing systems are a product of Dixie Pacific, a name that has stood for beauty and elegance in fiberglass and wood columns, capitals, porch posts and balustrade systems for more than forty years. Our new low maintenance porch railings and deck railings are sure to become a favorite among architects, home designers and builders because of their exceptional quality, style and beauty. All of our products are designed and manufactured to install easily and last for years.

Dixie-Pacific represents the absolute highest standards in the industry. We’ve designed DuraLast Railing to be as maintenance-free as possible. There is no need to annually scrape, prime, seal, replace or repair pickets and rails as with wood products, and there is no rot or insect infestation with DuraLast. This top quality PVC porch railing won’t rust and flake as steel products can.

When you choose DuraLast porch railings or deck railings, you choose more than a beautiful, low-maintenance PVC railing system. You choose a company where quality, innovation and trust have always come first.

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