U.S. Building Products Companies Urged to Start Manufacturing Building Materials Again

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America's Watchdog - National Advocacy Group for Consumer Protection and Corporate Fair Play www.AmericasWatchdog.comThe Construction Defect Center is urging US corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors to get back into the domestic manufacturing industry, especially with respect to building products. The group says, “We think the outsourcing experiment to China has been an absolute disaster, from appliances, to residential windows, to drywall, the products have either failed, they are toxic, or both. The actual US unemployment rate is probably 17%+, we need to start making things again.”

The group says, “Our sister group has been working on the imported toxic Chinese drywall disaster in Florida, and the US Gulf States for nearly three years, we probably have 200,000+ US homes that need to be bulldozed because of it, and the Chinese toxic drywall makers, including at least one owned by the Chinese government are nowhere to be found, and we continue to do business with China? How stupid are we?”

(PRWEB) August 09, 2011 – The Construction Defect Center in the strongest terms possible is urging US corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors to help the United States get back into the manufacturing business again. After the now famous Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the USA on August 5th 2011, and the 600+ point drop of the US Stock Market on Monday August 8th 2011, the Construction Defect Center thinks it’s time for the US to stop outsourcing everything to China, and do everything possible to start making the products ourselves.

The group says, “We believe US State’s like Texas, and or Alabama are attractive with their right to work approach, and with ingenuity we believe we can compete with China, or anyone. What good is a imported Chinese residential window, plumbing pipes, or appliances, if they are poorly made, and destined to fail?” The group says, “Even worse is the fact that China is the worlds largest counterfeiter, 10% of their GDP is directly attributable to counterfeiting. Why would a US company, or corporation knowingly outsource their intellectual property, or their brand to a country, that in all likelihood will start producing knock offs of their product? If we have to outsource to anyone-why not outsource to India, where at least we know our business is appreciated, and respected.” http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

The Construction Defect Center says,”To give a vivid example of the costs associated with outsourcing to China, we need to say something about toxic Chinese drywall, and we think the 200,000+ US homeowners-stuck in what we believe to be the worst US homeowners environmental disaster in US history. Toxic Chinese drywall was imported to the United States as early as 2000 to Florida. At its peak toxic Chinese drywall was used in 2004-2007 in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Southeast Texas, and Virginia. Imported toxic Chinese drywall is so toxic, that it will turn AC coils black in about a year, in one of these US Southeast States. We think this toxic chemical reaction occurs in some imported Chinese drywall because of the levels of high heat, and humidity found in the US Southeast.”

The group says, “Haven’t heard about toxic Chinese drywall in the United States, and or a federal disaster relief program for these homeowners? Well there probably is a good reason-President Obama has not mentioned the topic one time in public—even though he is aware of the disaster. In fact he was just in Florida in June-there was one slight problem—-he was in Florida for a campaign fundraiser, not to talk about his concerns about Florida residents stuck in toxic Chinese drywall hell?”

The Construction Defect Center is now saying,”We are calling upon Home Depot, Lowes, and other major home improvement retailers to have a made in the USA isle in their stores. We need to get our nation working again with private sector jobs. There is a market for Made In The USA Products, can US corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs step up to the plate?” http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

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