For Crawl Spaces and Attics, Doors Make All the Difference

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pvc crawl space doorThe attic and under-house crawl space are among the most challenging maintenance areas in many homes. Proper insulation and maintenance of the attic and crawl space are critical to keeping your home free from pests and to ensure minimum energy wastage. “Choosing the right attic access door and crawl space door can make a huge difference to the quality of living in one’s home, ” says, Pablo Caicedo, owner of Raleigh based Curb Appeal Products.

“Ineffective doors can prove to be a costly mistake, especially if you live in a place with hot and humid conditions. A crawl space with a poorly built, low quality door invites problems related to moisture exposure and pests,” he adds. “Mold, energy wastage. greater heating bills, pest infestation are all problems homeowners can prevent by using durable, high quality, custom crawl space doors to seal under-house spaces from the elements. Similarly, a good dormer door can make your attic more easily accessible while preventing energy loss by sealing it effectively when not in use.”

What makes a good crawl space door and attic access door? Consider these factors.

#1. The right door is custom built for your space. A good crawl space door will keep moisture and pests out of the foundation space. To do this, it has to be customized to fit the masonry opening. A door that leaves gaps around it is ineffective in preventing moisture and insects from entering the crawl space. The same holds true for your knee wall or attic access door. A good dormer door seals your attic when not in use with no gaps around the edges. You need to take into account the carpet height and the direction of swing and install a custom built dormer door that makes access to your attic safe and convenient.

#2. Durability. Your crawl space door and attic access door must be resistant to rot and rust in order to last. For this reason, metal and home-made wooden doors are not ideal choices. PVC crawl space doors have been found to be among the most durable choices that withstand the test of time. They are not affected by termites and require no periodic paint treatment and other maintenance measures to keep them functioning well. For your attic, solid core MDF door slabs may be the ideal fit. They are stable and sturdy while still being lightweight and resistant to moisture.

#3. Weather-stripping is an important feature to consider. Weather-stripped foundation space doors and dormer doors lock in air, thus minimizing energy wastage and lowering your electricity bill.

#4. Crawl space doors and dormer doors must perform double-duty. An effective door strikes the right balance between robustness and ease of installation, durability and aesthetics. It should be light enough for effortless installation but strong and sturdy enough to last many years. While keeping unwanted elements out of your crawl space or attic, the door should also make it easy to access for routine inspection, maintenance and storage, as needed.

Do you have questions about finding the right crawl space doors and dormer doors for your home? Pablo Caicedo and his experienced team would be happy to answer them and help you find the best doors for your home. You may reach them at 919-846-8088 or

About Curb Appeal Products:
Our teams of knowledgeable and experienced professionals provides excellent, personalized service and bring you the finest, custom porch columns, railings, newel posts, crawl space and attic access doors and other products that make your home more beautiful and functional. Our products are manufactured in USA using the latest technology. We want to help you choose products that are strong and beautiful, inside and out. For more information, visit

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