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Ceiling MedallionsCeiling medallions are nothing new, but lately these decorative architectural elements seem to be popping up everywhere. That’s because ceiling medallions are probably one of the least expensive most impressive home decorating items available today. In fact, in a matter of minutes they can transform an unremarkable room into elaborate space by adding definition, character and sophistication.

A ceiling medallion is a decorative panel that is affixed to the ceiling around the electrical outlet for a light or ceiling fan. The fixture then hangs from a hole in the center of the medallion. Historically, ceiling medallions were cast in plaster or wood. However, today most of them are crafted from lightweight, durable, maintenance free polyurethane or resin that, unlike traditional materials, won’t crack or warp with time. They come with a factory applied flat white base that can be left as is or painted and stained in any color.

Whereas traditionally most ceiling medallions were round, today they come in a wide variety of shapes including star, square, oval, and diamond with scalloped or smooth edged shapes. Ranging in size from 4-50 inches there are hundreds of designs and patterns available from simple or ornate to modern or traditional. The elegant molded relief designs incorporate such things as leaves, fluting, beads or other sculptural elements with a variety to fit any home or business décor.

Choosing a style

If you think a decorative medallion might be just the right thing to perk up your ceiling, you will want to first decide on the era that best fits your home or office. Consider what style would compliment the other elements in the room such as molding, baseboards, wainscot, cabinets, railings, arches, architectural columns, grilles, and banisters.

Selecting the right size

A large medallion in a small room will draw too much attention to itself, while a small medallion might get lost in a vast room. That’s why choosing the right size medallion for you room is critical in the overall impression your ceiling medallion will make. A simple rule of thumb for determining the correct size for your room is to divide the ceiling’s square footage by seven. If you don’t already know the square footage of the ceiling just multiply the diameter and length of the room. Let’s say a room measures 12′ by 12′. That would equal 144 square feet. Now, divide that by seven and you’ll discover that the ideal size for a ceiling medallion is about 20?. You should also consider the size of the light or fan fixture. The medallion should be about 2/3 the size widest part of the fixture.

Finishing your medallion

Painting, staining or faux finishing your ceiling medallion highlights and accents the beautiful architectural details of the medallion. Painting the medallion in one of the accent colors in the wallpaper or furniture, pillows or carpet pulls the room together beautifully. You can also bring out the beauty of your chandler or fan fixture by painting the medallion with a gold, bronze, gilded silver, brass, or copper finish. Consider wood stains to match the wood in your fans, moldings, furniture or cabinetry. Add even greater depth by staining the medallion a wood hue such as walnut, then accenting it with gold or bronze craft paints. Ceiling medallions can also be faux finished using an antiquing techniques, or they can be finished to look like wood, stone, leather or even fabric. In addition you can try stenciling, decoupage, marbleizing or crackling to a customized effect.

So if you are looking for a quick, easy way to add a touch of class to any room, consider the highly effective decorative element of ceiling medallions, and check out the variety available in the video below. These are available from HB&G Building Products. Medallions are available at the bottom of the accessories page.

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