Building Products Manufacturers Begin Sporting the “Made in U.S.A.” Seal

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Building Products Made in the USAApril 12, 2012 – More than 800 companies, including 200 building product manufacturers have begun sporting the “Made in U.S.A.” seal. The certification is based on companies’ self-assessment of whether their products meet federal guidelines on what qualifies as made in America. The grassroots build-American movement is gaining momentum with dealers and manufacturers as well as builders.

Dudley Powell isn’t wasting any time. Fewer than six months after watching a special report on an “All-American” home built in Bozeman, Mont., the Orlando-based manufacturers’ rep is planning to break ground on a similar house in Florida.

This makes him the latest addition to a growing sample of builders, dealers, and manufacturers nationwide who are adjusting their business models to anticipate and accommodate requests for American-made products—in some cases, enough to construct an entire single-family home.

Although construction won’t begin until June, Powell’s effort is gaining momentum through his
recently introduced, a hub for builders and manufacturers looking to track down American made goods. His plans call for construction of a…[ Download the complete story in the PDF “ProWatch – Born in the USA” ]


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