Being Green Means More Than a Green Lawn for NewGrass®

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NewGrass Artificial TurfNewGrass® seems to be green in every sense of the word. Not only does it provide the homeowner with a beautiful green lawn all year, but it also eliminates the consumption of imported or ground water normally used to keep lawns green. That makes more water available for other domestic and community uses.

With no lawn mowing NewGrass® reduces harmful CO2 emissions given off by gas-powered mowers and other lawn maintenance equipment, and NewGrass® never needs pesticides or fertilizers. That reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that get put into the environment.

We generally wouldn’t think of artificial turf as green because of the petroleum products that go into the backing of most grass replacements, but NewGrass® has replaced more than 90% of the petroleum products with a bio-based solution. Their GreenAware backing is made from a derivative of domestically grown soybeans.

Unlike many artificial other turf products that use a silica sand, or rubber pellets for the infill, NewGrass® uses an eco-friendly infill called, GreenFill. Even the green blades of artificial grass are made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. As if that wasn’t green enough, NewGrass makes a donation to the Carbon Fund for every square foot of grass they install, to offset the carbon footprint. The Carbon Fund is a not-for-profit organization that’s helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere.

With today’s busy schedules and more active lifestyles, there’s less time for lawn maintenance. About the only maintenance you’ll need with NewGrass® is the occasional use of a leaf blower. Whether it’s the cold of winter or a summer drought, imagine having a lawn that seems to survive and even thrive, while others are just unable to adapt.

According to Greg Goehner, President of NewGrass® LLC, they want to do more than just offer people the lawn they’ve always dreamed of. Greg says, “It’s about a lifestyle choice to have more usable living space while conserving water, reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and cutting back harmful CO2 emissions.”

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