Square Columns for the Front Porch Remain Popular With Do-It-Yourselfers

Square Columns

Square Columns

Architectural columns have adorned homes and institutions for centuries. Now that the cost of building materials has fallen, more do-it-yourselfers are renovating their homes, adding features like architectural columns to dramatically improve the appearance.

Columns enhance the interior and exterior of your home, but square columns are also easy of install and they can set your home apart from the rest, and increase the value of your property by creating an elegant, customized look.

Many columns are based on the five basic orders of architecture dating back to the early Egyptians, Roman and Greeks: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Roman. Each column has three parts to consider – the shaft, the cap and the base.

Square columns are designed for all types of decorative and load-bearing installations and are a long-standing element of American architecture, both structurally and decoratively. Complimenting the lines of residences ranging from traditional colonials to modest bungalows, they support and enhance the existing architecture. Whether you choose non-fluted or fluted square columns or non-tapered or tapered square columns these architectural elements create an air of prominence and grandeur to any home.

Square porch columns can be can be used on the exterior to dramatically frame a porch or entryway or accent balustrades. They can also create elegant outdoor living areas such as an arbor and pergola. Used in spaced groupings they can also serve to define a fountain or garden. Interior square columns enhance any interior space.

Just one well-placed pair of columns inside your home creates a sense of drama and atmosphere. Columns can be used to encase doorways and windows, frame fireplace mantels and bookcases, surround a bathtub or shower area, or to accent countertops and center islands in your kitchen.

For ease of installation and longevity Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager of Dixie-Pacific™, recommends homeowners consider square fiber-reinforced polymer columns. “Because these columns are can be trimmed to any height, they offer maximum flexibility and are easily adapted for pedestal applications or room dividers. They offer traditional elegance while being cost effective, plus they are easy to install because of their lightweight shaft and synthetic cap and base,” said Bobo. “Fiber-reinforced polymer columns require very little maintenance, and they’re both decay and insect resistant – an important feature for both indoor and outdoor applications.”

Once your columns are in place, they can easily be painted in colors that work well with your existing décor. To maximize their impact you might even try a sophisticated faux marbling finish or crackle painting that creates and aged appearance. However you choose to finish them, square columns are sure to enhance your home, indoors and out, for many years to come.

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