PVC Column Wraps Hide Wooden Posts or Metal Polls on Front Porch or Carport

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PVC Column WrapsIf your carport, overhang or front porch roof is supported by wooden posts or metal poles, there’s an easy way to significantly improve the look of your home without taking a lot of time or spending a lot of money. Easy-to-install PVC column wraps were designed to deliver the appearance of high-end porch columns, but at a much lower cost.

According to Tim Bobo of HB&G Building Products, manufacturer of PermaWrap PVC Column Wraps, “They install quickly around your existing porch posts or metal poles, and deliver a long-lasting improvement without the maintenance of other solutions. They won’t rot, split, chip, or warp, and unlike wood they’re insect resistant. That makes PVC column wraps just about maintenance free.”

HB&G’s PermaWrap columns are available in a wide range of styles to compliment any home or business. They offer square or craftsman columns in plain or fluted, raised panel, recessed panel, with tapered or straight shafts, and a variety of decorative caps and bases. These options make it easy to find just the right amount of detail for your specific project.

Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork explains, “They rely on the load-bearing capacity of the existing posts or poles, and column wraps come in two sections that fit together to enclose the posts or poles. Our column wrap kits have everything you’ll need make installation a breeze.  You can add most column wraps start to finish in less than 30 minutes.”

For more information contact:

HB&G Building Products at 800-264-4424 Or use this online CONTACT FORM

Turnkey Millwork at 888-782-3908 Or use this online CONTACT FORM

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