Front Porch Renovation is Easy with PVC Column Wraps

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PVC Column WrapsColumns have long been part of classic exterior American architecture. As rotting exterior wooden columns have given way to more durable, load-bearing fiberglass columns, porch columns have made a significant comeback.

Where there is sufficient support from a porch post or metal pole, PVC columns wraps have become a popular way to renovate a front porch and make it beautiful again. In fact PVC column wraps are a great way to just cover up old porch posts, or to wrap around unattractive metal poles, while using their support capabilities.

Column wraps have become popular for interior use too, because of the flexibility they offer. The columns wraps are manufactured in two L shaped pieces and, although they are not load-bearing, they can install quickly and easily around a post, pole or by themselves, where support isn’t needed.

Craftsman PVC column wraps can be used with or without a pedestal, and that greatly expands the options for exterior or interior use, and offers new dimensions to interior design.

Jim Goodman, General Manager of Turnkey Millwork in Raleigh, North Carolina recently showed us the Turnkey lineup of PVC columns. They offer plain, fluted, raised panel and recessed panel columns, along with a nice variety of raised panel and recessed panel pedestals for their craftsman columns.

Goodman says, “Our PVC column wraps are come with an installation kit, and w include our “style 1” caps and bases with the standard Craftsman columns and pedestals, and an Ogee cap and base set with the square columns, but there are lots of other column caps and bases to choose from. We also offer unlimited custom column sizes. Our columns install with standard carpentry tools and can be painted with acrylic paint or oil-based paint.”

They’re easy to install and are unaffected by water or high humidity or salt. The PVC is impervious to insects, flame retardant and doesn’t chip, warp, peel or splinter the way wood can. Turnkey’s PVC column wraps come with a 10-Year Warranty (see website for warranty details) and are great for both interior and exterior use.

Contact Turnkey Millwork

Turnkey Millwork, Inc.6231 Westgate Rd., Suite 150Raleigh, NC  27617
Call Toll Free: 1.888.782.3908

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