Porch Column Designer From Dixie Pacific Lets You Select The Perfect Column

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Porch Columns

Porch Columns

Choosing the perfect architectural columns for your home or office can often prove a somewhat daunting experience due to the many choices available today.

There are three parts a column: the shaft, the base and the cap. These are based on the five orders of architecture: Tuscan, Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, and Composite.  Within those orders there are so many shaft sizes, styles, and variations to choose from: plain, fluted, square, round, tapered, recess panel, etc.  And there are column caps and bases that look great with some shafts, and others that just clash.

Dixie Pacific, manufacturer of architectural front porch support columns and decorative interior columns for over forty years, has a solution that makes selecting a column shaft, cap and base easy. They’ve designed a web-based program that allows customers to visualize exactly how their column will look before they order.

With Dixie Pacific’s Column Designer, you choose a new porch column, a column capital, and a column base. The no-fuss system instantly lets you see just how they’ll look together. This is a solution that makes selecting the perfect column a breeze.

“We understand that selecting the right column for your home can be confusing. That’s why we built our Column Designer. This program is free to use on our website and it allows you see exactly how the different styles of caps and bases will look on whatever type of shaft you choose,” says Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager of Dixie Pacific. “With a few clicks of the mouse you can try out several different styles and designs to see which one appeals to you. It makes selecting the perfect column easy, and even fun.”

“We developed this tool to help our customers see how all of these options work together visually.  But of course not all combinations may work well together structurally.  That’s why we also have a team of experts on hand ready to help our customers complete the selection process.”

For many people choosing a base and cap that works with the column shaft they’ve chosen can leave them frustrated and confused, or worse, disappointed after the installation. With Column Designer you don’t need a degree in architecture. It’s easy to use and you to know whether it looks good right away.

Visit Dixie Pacific online or contact their customer service department at:

Dixie-Pacific Manufacturing Company
1015 Brundidge Blvd.
Troy, AL 36081
Toll Free: 800.468.5993
Fax: 256.442.4794

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