Staining Interior Wood Columns for Timeless Beauty

Interior Wood ColumnsInterior columns provide both decorative and functional benefits unlike any other architectural element. Their timeless beauty can adorn a grand entrance way or staircase or be used to frame bathtubs, mantels, bookcases, windows, foyers, kitchen counters,  and doors. They can also highlight focal points or divide space and create borders while maintaining the airiness of a room.

The popular trend has been to paint these columns in high-gloss white. Today the four popular types of columns for new construction or remodeling are:

1.  Wood Columns

2.  PVC Columns

3.  Fiberglass Columns

4.  Aluminum Columns

Unlike columns made of other materials, wooden columns can be stained to bring out the natural beauty and grain of the wood. It’s easier than you might think. Most wood columns already come stain-sanded but you may want to do some light sanding to assure a glass-like smoothness. Follow the manufacturers recommendations carefully.

We’ve found it’s good first step to apply a clear liquid conditioner to fill in the pores and enhance the grain. Allow the conditioner to thoroughly dry before applying a stain of your choice. If you apply a clear topcoat, you’ll be amazed at the depth and beauty this will add to your wood columns (Tip: Always keep a wet edge when staining, and never stop halfway on the column – Go from top to bottom in long, straight strokes).

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