New Innovation for Split Columns

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Split Columns Flange

Split Columns Flange

The new aluminum flange on the inside of split PermaCast® Columns is the latest innovation in porch renovation. This locking mechanism makes it easy to turn support posts into beautiful exterior columns.

As the manufacturer of the most technologically advanced porch columns and highest quality synthetic porch products in the world, HB&G pioneered polymer composite columns with PermaCast®, a line of proprietary fiber-reinforced exterior columns with exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics.

Now HB&G announces the latest innovation to their popular split PermaCast columns. These split columns come in two pieces that are used primarily to fit around an existing wood or steel structural support post. With this latest innovation, the company has designed a new aluminum flange system that mechanically fastens both halves of the column together more securely, preventing them from separating.

“Our split PermaCast columns have been so popular because in a matter of minutes you can cover the ugly old porch poles and posts with elegant new porch columns that won’t rot or rust. This makes them perfect for porch renovation projects,” said Tim Bobo, Marketing Director of HB&G.

“Now with our new factory installed flange locking mechanism they’re easier than ever to assemble and they’re designed to work in any environment. We’re very excited and proud to offer this new locking flange mechanism because we made a great product is even better.”

Although HB&G is known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of columns, their product lineup also includes PVC railings, balustrade systems, vinyl pergolas, PermaPorch® ceilings, and a full line of maintenance free column caps and bases, as well as other accessories.

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