Unlike Fiberglass Columns, Wood Columns Can Easily Be Damaged by Extreme Cold

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With a cold blast of arctic air gripping much of the U.S. and Europe, and temperatures diving 20-30 degrees below normal in many places, 2010 may just turn out to be a record-breaking winter. Everywhere you go people are bundling up to protect themselves against the cold – or simply staying inside their cozy homes snuggled up to a warm fire.

Unfortunately, the exterior of our homes does not have the luxury of jumping into a down parka to protect itself against the bitter elements. It bears the brunt of this brutal weather, getting blasted and battered all winter long.

“Bad weather and extreme temperatures really take their toll on the exterior of our homes, especially during the winter time,” said Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager of Dixie Pacific Manufacturing Company. “That’s when we see the most damage done – especially to wood. When moisture gets into the tiny cracks in the wood and then freezes, it can cause wood columns to expand which can split and crack even the toughest wood.”

According to Bobo, that’s why it’s so important for homeowners to make sure they whether proof the wooden parts of the exposed exterior portions of their home with protective paints, stains and moisture sealants. “But there’s just no guarantee that the wood on your home won’t suffer damage from this kind of extreme weather,” he said.

Bobo suggests that homeowners in those areas of greatest risk to the harsh elements might want to consider replacing the exterior wooden elements of their homes, such as porch posts, wood columns, and wooden balustrade systems with fiberglass columns and other synthetic porch products.

“Today’s highly advanced fiberglass porch products are extremely durable, as well as insect, weather, and decay resistant. They require only a minimal amount of maintenance. Plus Dixie Pacific columns come with a limited lifetime warranty,” explained Bobo. “To my mind, that makes them pretty much worry free.”

So while you’re sipping that hot cup of cocoa you may want to look into protecting your home with fiberglass products. Winter is the best time to start planning, while the cost is low and availability high.

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