Enhance Your Home With Decorative Indoor Columns

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Interior ColumnsIn the past, interior columns were mainly used to cover structural supports. More recently however, architects, designers, decorators and homeowners alike have discovered that using decorative columns to enhance and define interior space can make a powerful yet subtle statement for any home or office.

Decorative columns are affordable and relatively simple enhancements to any décor. Indeed, both functional and decorative columns add sophistication and architectural detail to an otherwise plain space. But knowing how and where to use them can make all the difference

“Columns provide both decorative and functional benefits unlike any other architectural element,” said Tim Bobo, Marketing Manager for Dixie Pacific. “They can frame windows, foyers, entryways, kitchen counters, bathtubs, mantels, book cases and doors. They can also highlight focal points or divide space and create borders while maintaining the airiness of a room. And since many of today’s columns are made of fiberglass, they are easy to paint and detail while being virtually maintenance free.”

Interior columns consist of three parts: the capital (column caps), the shaft and the base. The uppermost portion of the column is called a capital. This piece is often detailed with designs and carvings. The shaft is the post itself. This can be ornate or simple, round, square, fluted or tapered and is available in a variety of standard or custom heights. The base is the bottom portion of the column, which can also be ornate or simple.

Decorating options for columns are limited only by your imagination – and don’t be afraid to use color. “White columns are nice, but not if they just blend into the woodwork. If you’re going to accentuate your interior space with columns be sure to make them stand out and grab your attention,” suggests Bobo.

There are numerous painting techniques available today that can help focus attention on your columns. But before you decide which one to use, look at your column from all angles and consider every room the column defines, including hallways. Then choose a faux paint style and color to complement these surrounding areas.

You might even want to consider using more than one color to define a column. For example, if the capital or base is very ornate, try accentuating this feature with darker paint – even a metallic paint. You might also want to consider marbling. This easy technique produces a subtle yet classic finish. Stenciling and crackle painting are also easy and fun to do. Each method creates it’s own special look for your column.

Whatever style you choose or however you decide to paint or finish your decorative interior columns, they are sure to add lasting elegance and beauty for years to come.

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