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Introducing Column-Loc by HB&G Building Products
Porch-ColumnsHB&G, founded in 1880, leads the industry in offering the most technologically advanced and high quality synthetic porch columns and porch products.

Now HB&G introduces Column-Loc, an innovative, easy to use, patented column installation system for PermaCast® fiberglass columns. This easy to install tie-down solution that saves time and eliminates the need to split columns. With Column-Loc, the product warranty is maintained and the columns remain attractive and load bearing, ensuring porch wind-uplift is no longer a concern. HB&G’s revolutionary wind-uplift device uses corrosion resistant parts to create a direct, structural, uplift-resistant connection between the floor surface and structural beam. The Column-Loc connecting hardware passes through the center of the column and locks a set of attachment plates together at the top and bottom of the column shaft.  When the attachment plates are connected to the floor and beam, the Column-Loc system provides greater strength and stability than other methods.

“Always focused on improvement, and new product development, HB&G developed our new Column-Loc system to address an identified market need for wind uplift resistance. We created a commercial grade anchoring system for porch column applications providing greater structural integrity, with high wind uplift resistance, that enhances the strength, beauty, and longevity of our columns. Easy to install, easy to maintain, with a limited lifetime warranty, our customers can rest assured HB&G can meet their needs.”

VP of Marketing, Jeff Byers

The Column-Loc system has been tested by Intertek/Architectural Testing, Inc. and approved by the Building Commission for High Velocity and Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) areas in the state of Florida for wind uplift load applications (Approval number: 17753). Column-Loc is highly durable, and when combined with HB&G PermaCast fiberglass columns that do not rust, rot, twist, warp, or bow through the changes of the seasons you have a complete solution. Available in complete kits or hardware-only, Column-Loc can be used on any of our HB&G 8’ and 10’ square, round tapered and round non-tapered columns.

HB&G has gained a reputation for outstanding innovation, quality and service. Visit the HB&G website for additional engineering reports, information, project images, products and design services available on-line at

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