How to Add Porch Columns to Architectural Plans – The Easy Way

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HB&G Building Products make it easy for customers to incorporate PermaCast® fiberglass porch columns, column caps and bases, balustrade systems, and other porch products into architectural drawings and building plans.

Porch Columns

Porch Columns

When contractors, architects, or even do-it-yourselfers want to add porch columns or other products from HB&G to architectural plans, “All they have to do is send the plans to HB&G and we’ll take it from there.” Says Currie

“The HB&G team will thoroughly review the plans and we’ll incorporate the HB&G columns or other porch products into the drawings at no charge. “We create drawings for the customer, and we’ll include a complete materials list for all the items that HB&G can provide for any HB&G specified items that the customer wants.” said Currie.

Once this process is completed, HB&G sends the drawings back to the customer, along with a list of nearby dealer locations, a material list and the list prices for each of the products. The customer can then take this information to their dealer and order exactly what they need for their project.

HB&G is the industry leaders in fiberglass porch columns and many other porch products. “Our customers are pleasantly surprised by how cost effective and easy it is to incorporate HB&G products into their plans.” said Tim Bobo, marketing manager for HB&G. “In this economic climate is a real win / win situation.”

Porch Accessories

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