PVC Arbor Kits Make it Easy to Add a Backyard Arbor or Trellis

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pvc arbor kitsFunctional and decorative arbors made of PVC are among the most popular outdoor garden structures. That’s because for very little money, time or effort they can add so much drama, depth and beauty to your outdoor living areas.

These versatile structures can be used to mark an entryway to an outdoor room, to transition from one area of your yard to another, as an entrance to pathways through wooded areas, or to enclose a bench or swing.  Arbor designs can be formal or informal and may also incorporate gates and floors.

Typically an arbor is a three-dimensional freestanding structure, often seven or more feet high, with open sides and an arched or flat roof structure.  It may be small and simple with just two wooden posts and a cross beam or larger and elaborate with decorative latticework. It may have a depth of only a few inches or it may run many feet deep, made of wood or synthetic materials. 

Plants: Dress up your arbor in nature’s best with gorgeous climbing plants. Choose them based on your desire for color, scent and screening.  Potential candidates might include: climbing roses, jasmine, ivy, clematis, honeysuckle, sweet peas, grapes, and wisteria.  Be sure to allow plenty of room for these plants to grow so as not to obscure the beauty the arbor itself.

Lighting: To make your trellis truly sparkle, weave strings of tiny white lights through the structure. If you plan to add plants to your arbor, be sure to run the lights first.  You can also attach lanterns along the main beams of your arbor or hang candles in votive candle-holders in wire baskets from support beam. Also, yard lights leading to your arbor and/or along the inside edges of the arbor are a nice touch.

Decorations: Decorate your arbor with holiday themes.  This will compliment your other exterior decorations, while keeping your beautiful arbor a year round focal point. In the fall consider decorating your arbor with corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, and potted fall flowers. For winter string red berries, beads, bows and tree ornaments.  Big hearts and soft lights make your arbor a standout for Valentines Day etc.

You can purchase ready-made arbors, make your own, or buy a PVC arbor kit. Materials used for arbors include red cedar, bent wood, copper, iron, steel, and PVC or vinyl.  While some care should be taken to protect and upkeep most of these materials, PVC arbors are virtually weatherproof and maintenance free.  Once installed you may want to consider some of the following ways you can adorn and beautify your arbor.

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