Aeratis Porch Flooring

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PVC Porch Flooring and Trim for Safety and Lasting Beauty – Aeratis PVC Porch Flooring

Aeratis Porch Flooring is made with PVC, organic, and inorganic materials. Aeratis uses the latest emerging PVC technology to provide a beautiful product with performance far superior to wood or other composite materials. Coupled with a great appreciation for historic, traditional design, Aeratis strives to make products for the building industry that stand up to the scrutiny of the most discerning traditional architects, builders, and consumers.

Aeratis Porch Flooring and Trim is designed to look like the traditional wood products it is meant to replace. Aeratis products have the workability of wood and are installed using the same methods and techniques as traditional materials. Each product is designed to help acheive the look of the traditional front porch and the feel of our American building heritage. Aeratis is focused on texture, grain, workability, reducing expansion and contraction, as well as paintability. Aeratis products may be painted, but it is not required.

Aeratis manufactures a tongue and groove PVC porch flooring for covered and uncovered porch applications. Superior technology and manufacturing processes produce a product that is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and stronger than any other comparable product on the market.

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